Menu Focus 4.0 - Driving me nuts!

Anyone as frustrated as I am with how the menu focusses on the window that is in front? Any developers out there that have already dealt with this…or have the interest? It would be greatly appreciated!

Try “Navigation Pane Options” (right-click on the active menu-header)…

Hi, you can define this behaviour in the “Navigation Pane Options” (right-click on the header bar of the naviagtion pane). regards Frank


you can define this behaviour in the “Navigation Pane Options”

a better description would be “Navigation Pain Option”

Walter, Walter - You made me laugh[:D]. But you are absolutely right! - But I am glad, that it wasn’t just me…

‘Menu Focus 4.0 - Driving me nuts!’ Reminds me of the time a friend of mine went to his doctor with a steering wheel attached to his testicles, he pleaded with the doctor to remove it with the infamous line - “Please Doc get this thing off me, it’s driving me nuts!!!” Boom, Boom[:P] Merry Xmas to all! - Mike

[:D] I think perhaps only native english speakers will get it though!

Very true, sort of on the Subject! Does anyone get an issue to do with Look ups & Drill downs funny behaviour? sometimes i find i have to go back to the Munesuite and re-click upon the area of the system i wish to be in before i can see the Arrows? anyone come across this?

Yes, an issue that sounds like what you’re describing will be fixed in the first Update to 4.0.

thats good news thanks

Thanks for the info on the right-click to stop that crazy menu focus…