Memory Consumption after deleting a company...... help needed


I have the admin privileges on my stand alone computer where i installed the Dynamics AX 2009, i created the three companies with their demo data imported, but the data didn’t imported successfully, so i deleted the three companies , after deleting the CEU company, my hard drive space of 4 GB was consumed … can anyone tell me what might be the problem, if there is any way to free that occupied space, Kindly resolve this problem ASAP.

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i forgot to mention, this is how i deleted the company,

In AX, i selected the company from the company accounts list which is at the right bottom and when the list appears in a box, right-click –> go to main table and i deleted it from there.


Have you checked SQL Server transaction log file?

Hi Harish,

can you help me where to and how to find the trans log file, i mean if u can give me the path of the file, it will be highly appreciated,

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harish im new to ax, so kindly be patience with me, thanks


This has nothing to do with AX.

I don´t have SQL server in front. So from memory, you should be able to check the path of SQL temp files from SQL server Management studio -

  1. Go to AX database
  2. Right click and select properties. From here, you should be able to see the path of temporary file