I have a memo field(remark), and i used in report.

if i typed some 10 lines in remark field, all the 10 lines are not displaying in Report. If i set ‘DynamicHeight = yes’ … it is visibling when i’m opening the report. but if i scroll the report then some of the contents are not visible.

if i change the edt and use the string size 2000 like that then i cant able to type line by line.

how to rectify this. Please advise.

Thanks ,


Where the memo field is in the report - if it is in body - check if the body height is auto or not.

Try by giving some height to that EDT…

Hi kranthi,

I am using the Programmable section in the report.i want to add that memo field in the report

Please help me out .How can i display the memo in the report.

Thanks in advance,