Member status

How come I’ve been on the site for years and under the new User Group I have a status of “New Member”? Is it posts and not time that work this out?

Hi Tony Yes it is number of posts based - see To get to level 2 you need 1/4 of the number of postings of the highest poster. I believe this is Erik on 1820 posts, so you need another 350 odd posts to reach the next level. I suggest you get posting [:D]

Damn it. Will have to find reasons to post!

Hi Tony I might have to re-evaluate what I have stated here. Member ID Jack Reynolds 2 Stars 102 posts Member ID blum 1 Star 99 posts Perhaps the dynamic levels have been turned off! Make 6 more posts after relying to this and see if you get another star!

OK, will do. Mental note - Find reasons to post