measurement unit?


I have to add informations to a product, and I have all informations I need, but I don’t know if the unit of mesurement of lengths.

What is the unit of measurement in: released product / management tab stock.

mm cm or m?

Thank’s in advance.

Hello Zoheir, I don’t know if I understood your question… you can select for the products any unit of measure you need, you must assign first the inventory unit of measure (for example cm -centimeters-)

Then you must select the purchase and sell units of measure, for those fields, AX will only show you the units of measure that are compatible with cm (they should be mm and m), and you can put in these two fields, any of the three of them, either mm, cm or m.

You just need to consider, if you select cm for inventory and select m for purchase and sell, that if you enter 100 as quantity in the purchase/sales order, that is going to be 100 meters, and when you receive/sell them, you are going to increase/reduce your inventory by 10000 cm. (Unless you manually change the unit of measure in the purchase/sales order).

Hi Zoheir,

As mm, cm and m are mutually convertible, you can choose any one of them as a length unit of measure. But there is one thing you need to know, that there’re 3 different types of unit of measure for a product in AX. They are,

  1. Inventory unit which is used for inventory purpose. The unit of measure will be defaulted to that value when you’re updating inventory, e.g. in movement journal, transfer order and counting journal.

  2. Sales unit which is used in sales orders. The sales order line of this certain product will take this unit of measure by default.

  3. Purchase unit is for purchase order. And the purchase order line of this product uses this unit of measure defaultly.


In addition with Andrew Xu, you could have a default unit of measure for Inventory Unit, Sales Unit and Purchase Unit whether its for mm, cm and m.

You also need to set the Unit conversion - Intra class conversion if you have different UOM Inventory, Sales and Purchases

Hye Brenda,

I am user of Dynamics AX 2012.I have Purchase Unit and Sale Unit in Kg.But the Inventory Unit is in Bag.Symbolically, 25Kg=1Bag.

Please Advice.

It depends how you have set the UOM default class up - this indicates that the definition of any value in a field in the class is in that UOM. Even with this setup I advise agreeing it internally from a company perspective and standardising it.

Hi Mustafa, which is the code and naming you give to the “Bag” unit of measure? I’m asking you because you must be care if in the future you purchase the same product, but the supplier change the size of product in the bag, you might be seeing in AX that you have 10 bags=250 kg, but if the supplier change them to 10kg without telling, then you’ll have 100kg.

Better if you avoid the use of “packaging” unit of measures (bag, bottle, box) instead use kg, lts, etc. and if you still need to use the Bag unit of measure, give it a code as B25 for “25kg bags” (the naming). So everyone is clear on what to expect when going to the warehouse and see the physical product.

Also, you need to provide AX with the conversion factor both ways: 1Bag=25kg; 1kg=0.04Bag