Meaning of Adj. Opening Balance on Customer Detail Trial Balance


Can someone please explain to me why I am getting a line for Adjustment of Opening Balance and its total in the Customer Detail Trial Balance when generated for a specific date…date period.


What does it mean? and how can i eliminate such a entry? (From the application itself not the layout of the report)

Thanks a lot…

these values are calculated and printed if you set a datefilter for the customer(s) and the sum of the CustLedgEntry.“Amount (LCY)” values for the specific customer within that datefilter is not the same than the saved value of the “Net Change (LCY)” value of that customer in that period. The customer’s “Net Change (LCY)” is the start value for variable StartBalAdjLCY in that report. the above report line is shown, if that value is <> 0 (sum of cust. ledger entries amount(s) <> net change lcy).