MDF NDF LDF MS SQL file structure? Demo DB NAV (7-1) has NDF LDF file structure.

Any reason why the MS demo database reverted to the 2 file structure? 1 data 1 log file

When restoring the “Demo Database NAV (7-1).bak” the file structure is only the NDF and LDF.

Is there any reason why we should not continue to use the 3 file structure? 2 data files and 1 log file.

When creating a new database using the MS Dynamics NAV 2013 development environment you are presented with the 3 file structure.

Any thoughts?

It has always been like that for the SQL option as far as I can remember. There was this idea way back when they first started using SQL that it would have benefits to put the table structure and data in an ndf and an mdf. This was only beneficial for a specific version of SQL if I remember correctly, which is no longer supported (6.5 or 7?). Currently there is no reason to split them in 3’s, but there’s also no reason to not split them in 3’s.