MBSUG Project

Hi, I want to offer everybody to participate in the PUBLIC PROJECT. We talk a lot about UML or data flow diagrams. It looks like everybody needs this and I believe a lot of people and companies have started to work on this. We can combine our efforts. Let’s create UML model of NAVISION. I think MBSUG is the best host for such project. We will create open project group where can participate individuals or NSC’s. If you like the idea lets discuss it.

Hi Valentin, This sound like a great idea. In my former job I made a lot of UML diagrams for custem made software. What I missed when starting to learn Navision is the lack pf system documentation. Which models would be of interst, Object diagram, Use Case diagram? I think that there are some models out there all ready, let’s make an efford of getting them on one place here! /Sven

Hi, This would be a great idea. I am frequently asked for an entity relationship diagram (Showing links between customer and sales header, for example). One of the reasons why no one seems to do this is because it would be such a huge undertaking. Perhaps if we choose a common methodology/structure then people could take different modules and a project leader could ‘sew’ the sections together into a completed document?[8D]

Great idea. I think maintaining an UML version for all the versions (NF 2.60, Attain 3.60) can be an issue. What are you plans on how to manage that ?

My idea was to create project team who will develop basic standards (common language for future project) and project plan. At the end of this stage we will have list of the diagrams we will need to develop. We will public this list and members will be able to apply (select diagrams they can and wish to help with). My idea was to have multiple people per one diagram so they can communicate. After they finish they will submit there work to the project team who will approve the diagram (and modify to make it common for whole project). Everybody who will participate in the project will have full access to the project results.

Hey because we are thinking about doing this kind of documentation, I would very much like to participate in this project team. We have to move from Version 2.60 to Version 3.60, unfortunately we have a lot (I mean a lot) of changes so we decided to first document the Standard 3.60 Version and than doing a the reengineering of the existing solution. Fred

Hi, This idea sounds very interesting. So far I’ve little to offer as a contribution, but I would be glad to participate. Thanks Anna

Hi Val, Count me in also. So where do we start ? :slight_smile: Cristi

Hi, I think first we should create common understanding what we are going to do. Second we should form a project team. I have prepared two documents: Initiation Questions – will help us create Project Charter and common understanding what we are going to do. This is link to Questions form: http://www.web-a-file.com/download.exe?&f=1&id=10219&pin=1043526433 This is link to my answer: http://www.web-a-file.com/download.exe?&f=1&id=10220&pin=1043526433 Skill Assessment is basically Navision price list. I thought that it will be good start point to understand what skills we have. I created two columns – one for NSC employees another for end users. For NSC employees please enter number of clients you implemented particular granule. For End Users please enter number of month you use this granule. I was working in NSC and on client sight so filled both columns. This is link to Skill Assessment form: http://www.web-a-file.com/download.exe?&f=1&id=10205&pin=1043526495 This I link to my Answers: http://www.web-a-file.com/download.exe?&f=1&id=10183&pin=1043526495 Please feel free to add more questions. Just ask them on the forum and I will add them to the document. You can access these documents directly from: www.web-a-file.com User ID: vgvozdev Password: 1726762 Please load you responses to the directory: UNSORTED RESPONCES or send them to vghome@nyc.rr.com

Hi, What methodology should we choose? And what product should we use as modeling tool? I thing we have two choices for methodology IDEF and UML. From my point of view UML is mostly oriented on software development. I would like to ask end users what is more preferable.