MBS Navision Implementation

As a part of implementation, we are required to load customer’s data. Do we have any pre defined formats which can be used for capturing master and setup information of the customer? Also, are there any pre defined questionaires that can be used during System Analysis stage?

Dear Arvinder, Unlike in SAP, we donot have the standard questionnaires for setup, configuration and during system analysis. If you have the patience and the source to SAP questionnaires, adapt them to Navision or start from the scratch. Regards Jyothi Mohan (P.S: But do not forget to share those formats with us[:D])

Why only SAP, almost all ERPs have set questionnaires for capturing requisite setup and master information. People who have already implemented Navision, must have developed such documents. Shall request them to share these with all NSCs so that we dont keep re inventing the wheel. Shall also request Navision to give it a thought.

Well I read somewhere about Navision 4.0 and it’s scope included customer data migration framework. Some progress that!! Let us see