MBS Axapta in INDIA

Hi all, I think there has been no growth in axapta clients as compared to attain which is renamed to navision. This is not good sign, as axapta is getting market in other countries and its lacking behind in india. Is it that still navision has to be totally acquired by Microsoft in india, or due to the Navision (Attain) focused NSC’s. To my knowledge total only - 5 projects in axapta are known. I dot know about new projects if any going. Navision has many projects in india. If any body has the excat figures of Axapta projects and how many NSC’s are focusing on axapta, please do mention them here. Hope to see axapta market booming in india. regards vaibhav

Pednekar Saheb,

We are one of the victim of Axapta in India. Our parent company decided to go for Axapta in each and every subsidiary and they them self purchased the licenses from MS Singapore and then we contact one local MS GOLD Certified developing partner who works for AX and asked them to develop localisation for us, and no one will believe that they were very poor for support and understanding our exact requirements as they had (so called) vast experience only for developments for US customers. Latter on we asked them to contact MS India for AX support and we got second shock that MS India simply told them that, as the licenses are not procured from us, we are unable to support this company.

Latter on we had to call 2 guys from our sister company which works in AX development and is based in Europe. We paid them 100 euro per hour basis and got our work done. Till today even after many changes in local taxes and duties, we are successfully running the show without MS support, on our own.

Very cheap thing MS India did that they asked us to use us as a reference customer and also they had asked to get a Case Study written for the same, which we refused.

Now will anyone tell me frankly that if they didn’t change there Indian attitude, will they survive in India ? Will they get orders ? Axapta is good product, end users can adopt easily, implementation time is also less, compared to other ERPs, but these or not only the things which customer wants. They want after sales support, they want proper guidance, they want good developers and if these thing are not available with MS India, who wants to jump into the well ?

I hope to see some positive changes in MS India for AX.