May Update

Dear members, Isn’t it nice? At least for those of us who are north of equator. It’s spring time!! To me in cold Denmark it’s just fantastic! I love the spring time! The flowers, the smells and everything that also comes… I hoped that I could have been announcing that the new site was up and running, but the conversion is a much bigger problem. So I’m even considering just starting the new site and leave the current open for searches. This way we still have the history of all the documents, but everyone would have to register again. But what do you think? I’ve also just heard (it was announced last month) that Navision version 5.00 (AKA Dynamics NAV) will first be available in Q1 2007. I think that’s a shame, but very typical Microsoft. I hope and think it’s worth waiting for… Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster, Microsoft MVP - Navision

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The main reason for the delay, i believe is vista.

Ah spring. Where I grew up, we only had summer [8D], so moving to Europe one of the great things was four seasons [Yeah!], and especially Autumn and Winter. Nowadays I love snow, and love skiing. BUT [}:)] This year was just a bit too much [:(]. The Czech Republic (where I now live) this year set historical records for just about every measure of winter this year. Including the longest period of snow coverage, and coldest temperatures[Sigh…]. Our coldest day this year was minus 31 brrrrr. But now its over. Its over week now without snow (mind you the massive hail storm we had today was not all that welcome [:D] ). But as Erik says, spring is in the air. We have a new version of Navision, ( a really new version, not just some updates), so this everything is starting to look great. Don’t worry about 5.00, I’d rather wait a bit for a tested and working product that somethign that is rushed, and a few months either way is not going to make a big difference anyway.