Maximumn of 5 decimal places.

Dear All,

When setup Discount in page Sales Discount Item Charges, column Percentage error when entering 6 decimal places. Maximum of 5 decimal places. But I need to 6 decimal places.

Please help me in this case. Thank so much

Usually NAV works with up till 5 decimals.

This is set up in parameters (mainly G/L Setup and Currencies) and directly in tables, in field’s property “DecimalPlaces”.

It is possible to change.
But you probably have to make changes in several objects. Do not know which, that you have to experience yourself.

Thanks Anfinnur, I have changed but still not done.


change the property decimalplaces of the field in the table to 6:6.

check, where this field is used. it seems that the decimalplaces are also set by code.

for sample the OMA Tools would help.

best regards