Maximum No. of Sessions

Hello. We have a license with a Maximum No. of Sessions as 6. However, we can only get 5 active sessions in because the administrator appears to be taking up one of the 6 sessions. Is this how it has to be or is there a way around it? Below is a copy of the license info.

Maximum No. of Sessions
Total…: 6
Any…: 5
Application Server…: 1
Maximum No. of satellites…: 0


That looks like you only have 5 users, the 6th one is NAS. How many did you actually purchase?

They must have ordered 6 thinking that it would cover the 6 users; however, since they did not take into consideration the application server they came up short by 1.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was probably how it should be.

More likely they ordered 4 !!!

The system comes with one user as part of the base package, and if yo buy Application Server you get the App Server License.

You should request the config.txt file regarding your license from your vendor. In here you can find this section:

No of Purchased Granules…: 100
Granule ID Ver. Granule Text Qty. Paid Qty.
1,010 4 Foundation Layer 1 0
1,100 4 Company 1 0
1,140 2 Company - unlimited 1 0
1,150 4 Subsidiary / each 2 2
1,200 15 Session 170 169
1,400 7 User IDs & Passwords 1 0
1,410 6 Permissions 1 0
1,415 4 Application server - each instance 1 1

Maximum No. of Sessions
Total…: 172
Any…: 170
Application Server…: 2

In the above example you can see that we activly purchased 169 and one extra Application Server. So in total we now have access to 172 sessions.

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Thanks for all of the information. I don’t know why I even bother with Microsoft support.


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