Max Vat diff allowed

Hi All, We have a problem chaning Max VAT diff allowed value in General Ledger set-up changes automatically not logging into the user name change log. Did anyone come across an issue like this? I am wondering whether some report/process in navision does this? Best regards Anu

Hi I have just set my change log up to capture modifications to table 98 field 89 it has captured the change with my USERID. I am using 3.70 patched to hotfix 12 for reference. If YOU change it does it capture your ID? I do not beleive ANY process except manual alteration alters this field. You may need to review your user set-ups. Does this help?

Thanks steven for your reply. I was away for some days and hence just looked again into this problem. When i change my user id getting logged and i do not see any issue with change log set-up. All the users have rights to change log entry table and hence i don’t see a permission issue. Still it is a mystery for me!!! Best regards Anu

I feel it may remain a mystery! [:D]