Matrix table in dynamic NAV 2009/2013 Or 2013 R2

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Anyone know about the matrix table in dynamic NAV?? how can we make it??? or is there something like matrix table in dynamic NAV??

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What do you mean by Matrix table?

can you be more clear what your requirement is?

If you are talking about designing reports and you are using Nav 2009 R2 Or onward versions, while designing report layout we have Matrix that you can choose from the tools. Can you please elaborate, where actually do you need Matrix ??



HI Mohana & Gaurav Singh,

Thank you for your reply , I want to track Country wise item Quantity in a table.So that, I wish to use NAV table which i can have Item Name in x axis, and the country name in y axis , where user can fill the Quantity within x and y axis.

For Gaurav Singh - This is not about Report, its all about the NAV Table.

Thank you.