Matrix report filtering problem.


In my report I have declared a DataItem as ‘Item Journal Line’. From which I have taken a field ‘Item Type’ which is a option field. Within the OptionString property I have declared these options: ,Paper Roll,Ink,Plate,Scrap,Film,Chemical,Others,Electrical,Mechanical,Stationary.

Then in the RDLC view I have taken a matrix & I only want to show the data stored in ‘Description’ column against the ‘Scrap’ option of ‘Item Type’ column as column headers in my report. For that I have declared the following in ‘DataItemTableView’ property of ‘Item Journal Line’ DataItem:

WHERE(Item Type=FILTER(<>Ink))

But I couldn’t declare the other options such as Paper Roll, Ink, Plate etc. as it won’t shows the desired result. Please help me out!

HI Rajat,
If You only Wanted Scrap then
Make select Only that Instead of Neglecting Others…
i Mean WHERE(Item Type=FILTER(Scrap))

Yeah, I’ll surely try this…Thank You fr d reply Sir…!!

It worked… [tag:ThankYouRaja]