Matrix Reloaded

This topic has been inspired by the fact that a group of my colleagues and I are going to the cinema to see Matrix Reloaded tonight. So has anyone seen it yet? Are any of you going to see it soon? Are you guys Matrix fanatics or not? “It means, buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy. ‘Cause Kansas, is goin’ bye-bye.”

Hi Connull I saw it yesterday - very good. However whilst Neo and Morpheus are in Zion, remember the life of Brian - “he’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy”! Apart from that the fight scenes were excellent, the story was “interesting”, although when Keanu Reeves said hte Matrix Reloaded answers all the questions set by the Matrix, what he meant was it does not and it poses more - all surely to be answered in November. Do you want to know how the current one ends . . . . . . . . . [:D]

Hi this evening I’m going too, I hope it will be as good as the first one. we wiil see…

Do you want to know how the current one ends . . . . . . . . . Thanks, but I think I’ll wait for tonight! I heard that it just stops and has you feeling like “I’ve gotta see the last one!” Friedhelm, Enjoy tonight - i will! [:D]

You lucky guys, I have to wait until tomorrow and I can’t stand waiting anymore… [xx(] I don’t expect it to be better than the first one, besides effects and fight scenes but the story and idea of the original one are excellent and apart from some exceptions usually the “second” film does not reach the level of the first one (e.g. Lord of the Rings II against Lotr I, no comparison…) Let’s see it first, tomorrow I’ll know more [;)] Nils

i saw it yesterday too, its still one of the best movies, i almost can’t wait till the 3th part comes out, in switzerland it should by starting around december i heard.

Why not just wait for the DVD, or better still PPV, then you don’t have to go out. by the way in answer to your actual question, try thisVar I::Integer for i := 1 to Arraylen(myarray) do myarray[i] := myarray[i];I didn’t try it, but it should work.

David, I’m disappointed in you [:D] I thought you’d be the sort of person to find the Matrix trilogy interesting!? [:0] What actual question are you on about?

I thought you wanted to know how to reload a matrix … hmmm can’t find the snicker snicker icon… this will have to do [:o)]

Hi All, only 40 Minutes to go. And Then…I’ll see it! I hope that it will be as good as the first one, but i think the story can’t be as interesting as the first one, because its not new. Nevertheless the film can be really good. Have a nice weekend! Greetings, Frank

I’m back at home. The Film is very good. Not so good as the first one, but very good. I like those Films [:D] Has anyone seen the preview of “Matrix Revolutions”? It is shown after the list of the persons who have produced the Film. It is very hard to wait until November [:D][:D][:D] Good night, Frank

Hi All, Yes I saw it last night too, and although I enjoyed it, there were things I didn’t like either. Definately not as good as the first but still entertaining! [;)]

OK Connull you got me, here is the correct answer:Var I::Integer for i := 1 to Arraylen(tmparray) do Tmparray[i] := myarray[i]; clear(myarray); for i := 1 to Arraylen(myarray) do myarray[i] := tmparray[i]; clearly the code in my first posting just wouldn’t work.

OK the story maybe is not as good as the first one, but the special effects are just great !!! Fortunately the last one is only 6 month away…

I saw it yesterday too! The movie is amazing! It answers some questions about the Matrix but offers also new questions. Very good specials effects and fights. But i think there was still good Philosophy, remember the conversations between Neo and the Oracle (“Orakel”) and the “Konstrukteur” (the man whos sitting in the room with the hell a lot of monitors)! Youre right - its almost a Horror to wait 6 months for the Revolution. I think i alread knew how it will come to an end: Neos new abilitys as seen in the end of Reloaded! There was a sneak preview at Revolutions at the end of the Cast/Production-List in the cinemas? Damn it! Why didnt i keep sitting in my chair (maybe because i was alone - no one there wanted to join me :frowning: ) But that doesnt matter - we will see all again in 6 months in the “Matrix - Revolutions”-Topic! [:-))] [:D]

Everybody is saying it’s not as good as the first one. That’s what I thought too. But wait till you think about the possible story. Read my analyse and maybe you will think different about it. Maybe, just maybe you will think, just like me, the second is even better then the fist movie.