Matriks Doc

I need to modify some of the internal code of Matriks Doc. Are there any manuals or help files out there Or has anyone done this sort of thing that might be able to help? Thanks steve

Hi, Do you mean the C/AL code or the OCX? The former is rather self explanatory and can be done quite easily. I don’t think you can gain access to the source code of the latter, though. Anyway, have a look at

Hi Steffen, Thanks for your reply. I need to modify the C/AL code (my understanding is the newest version doesn’t use an OCX anymore only C/AL code) There is no help that I can find on the Matriks site (we are partners with Matriks) other than videos which don’t discuss the code only demo the functionality. As an example I want to be able to import customer complaint documents and have them viewable from the related item’s card and from the complaining customer’s card. I want to be able to put template fields into Word footers and headers. Just two of the things I’m looking to do. Any help would be appreciated. Steve

We use Matrix, but really only for document storage. You first issue regarding customer complaint documents, we did something similar to what your speaking of launching the ‘Documents’ form with filters set. We used the Category field to filter on … i.e. ‘COMPLAINT’ would be the category. But…since you want to associate the document to 2 tables, you may have to store it twice. You could modify the ‘Post’ functionality in the document journal to post it twice…or something. We don’t have any templates setup and so I’m not very familiar with your second issue…