Material Requisition

we are implementing ax 2012. I can find what to do or where to print the material requisition. Before starting the production process we need to request the raw materials needed for the said production. but before withdrawing the raw materials you have to prepare first the material requisition. where i can see it.

Thanks in advance.

That is the picking list printed at the start of production. Depending upon your setup and processing this will either be from main stores or you will have related transfer orders moving it into the store for picking for production.


Thanks for your abrupt reply.

I tried to print the picking list but the proposed quantity consumption to be withdraw in warehouse is not seen there. the only quantity which is printed there is the in stock quantity. i need the quantity to be withdraw.

Am I right that the picking list is can be printed only after the production order is released already?

Thank you very much for the help.

It is printed on the start of production, assuming your starting settings are correct of course. It shows what is required to be picked to produce production from the warehouse defined by other elements of the configuration.

Good Day!

the price of the raw materials here in our client is not fixed. my question is that the total price per unit should varies on the raw material price? or we have to establish a fixed price in each raw materials. we are using fifo method.

ex. the price of the corn was, 1st purchased=20, 2nd=30 3rd= 40

should we used the average price of this 3 for costing or costing will based on actual price?

thank you very much in advance

You are FIFO and it will use FIFO, the displayed price will be average but after ending (and inventory close) the prices posted will be actual.