Material Costs

What is the best way to assign costs of overhead and storage to a Purchased Item on a Standard Costing System using Attain 3.10?

Hi, On the invoicing tab of the Item Card you can define Indirect Cost % or Overhead Rate. Help has explanation how you can use these fields.

In the help it says specifically that you can’t use indirect % with a Standard Costing system. When we attempt to use it, the calculation is backwards and subtracts the indirect cost % out of the direct cost when you have a item on production order requisition method. When we use it with a Raw, purchased item the indirect cost shows up as a variance. Thanks!

This is directly how it is working. Is this what you need? I had one client who wanted to add material overhead at the time of issuing materials. It is more difficult but can be set up also.

We want to be able to apply overhead costs to material items. Currently we can only apply costs if they pass through a work center. I’d be interested in a quote for being able to allocate overhead costs on inventory items.