material consumption on route journal

recently we found that if the material is consumed on the picking list, we dont know the actual cost before we end the production order, just like we have to produce 100, we picked 100 raw materials from warehoude,but we only finished 20 by the end of month, we have to ship this 20 to the client, and we dont know the cost of these 20.

now i’m wondering if we can consume the material when we post the route journal, but if we doing like this, what should happen if we post the picking list journal? material is only reserved? the point is material is really picked.

Well the first question is not to do with the material, it is to do with how you cost RAF - because this is presumably set to “actual”, as this is a temporary costing you could set this to estimated and the estimation routine would cost the finished product. The understanding element here is from a financial perspective the cost is transitionary and not the actual cost - this is not known until production is ended and even later, so this is an approximation at this stage no matter what you do with it next.

So before you do anything understand what cost you need at the point and why you want it.