Material consumption issue

Hi Everyone,

We are making a prototype of a proposed item ‘A’. Item A is not created yet and not in the inventory in NAV. While making prototype we consume significant amount of raw material item ‘C’. Item ‘C’ exists in the inventory and it is a raw material.We are consuming raw material ‘C’ to make a prototype, physically but not in NAV. This is creating problem in our inventory records. We have to adjust our inventory for item ‘C’ all the time due to this reason.

Creating prototype as an inventory and creating a production order for that prototype and putting raw material as a component for that production order is one of the options. But financially this will not be correct according to one of our finance person.

Is there any module or any way I could solve this issue? Is there any process that could document this prototype creation, approvals, automatic consumption of raw material for prototype and material and labor costs (Item ‘C’ in our case) for such prototype developments?

Any help will be appreciated.


actually, you can just change the procedure. your item ‘Prototype A’, create is as Item, with no. ‘Proto-A’.
when development phase is done, and it becomes a product, rename it as ‘A’.
if it’s not continue to be a product, set it Blocked.

further you can configure the Inventory Posting Group, or Location, or Gen. Prod. Posting Group to align with your Acc/Fin dept.