Material consumption calculation Dynamics 365 F&O

Hi there,

I am Tomek and this is my beginning with Dynamics 365 F&O. I will be working in Supply Chain area.

I need help with this case:

I am creating a product configurator of a sofa with two sections - for sofa main body and sofa seating. For both the customer can choose the upholstery - leather or fabric. For leather the consumption is eg. 13m2 and for the fabric it is 12.5 running meter.

This is solved with expression:


How to write the expression if this will not be standard leather/fabric but special with something printed on it which consumption would be 15m2/15 running meter?

There are three types of the upholstery: standard, special with print (e.g company logo in the middle of the back rest), special with pattern.

The second thing is - do you have any video / e-book about syntax for the product configurator expressions? The if syntax let me just use two options, and I would like to have elseif…

Hopefully you will understand what I mean and could help me solve this problem :slight_smile:
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Thanks in advance!