masterplanning for discrete production

I want to setup masterplanning for an item (let’s say XX), it needs one resource for a production process. Every production proces have four sequence operation (let’s say Oper01, Oper02, Oper03, Oper04). I have some resources to produces XX’s item (let say R1, R2, and R3). To produce XX’s item I can use R1, R2 or R3. Each resource has different capacity. So I use capability for this problem which the resource member are R1, R2, R3.

But if I run master scheduling, the system generate some plan batch order where oper01 use R1, oper02 use R2, oper03 use R3 and oper04 use R1. I expect if system choose R1 for a plan batch order, so oper01, oper02, oper03, oper04 must use R1.

What should I do to solve this?

Why have you split it into 4 operations when you use one resource? If you split it like this capacity is reassessed so new resources can be picked, there is no way to say if you use R1 on operation 1 to use it on all subsequent operations.

I have split it into 4 operation caused I want entry information start time and end time of each operation in one resource.

so I can entry it into job card which generated by system when batch order started.