Master Scheduling Including Sales Forecasting


in master scheduling including forecast what is the result

in our scenario

Item A Forecasting 12000 Quantity

Item A Sales 10000 qty

When we run forecashing scheduling and after master scheduling system generate two line 10000 qty and 12000 qty requirement is it true???

when we run only master scheduling it gives requirement of 10000 qty but it suppose to give 12000 qty.

what is the problem???

Hi Rupesh,

The Plan of Forecast is executed before Planning master. The Plan of Forecast interacts with the Planning Master to guide the production process and to guarantee that the produced amounts correspond equilibradamente to the real demand.
The companies who use Plan of Forecast must consider carefully until point they are capable to foresee future orders with security. A necessary forecast offers to the company values esteem on future demands for products and supply, materials and levels of capacity necessary to take care of to this demand. Also it can offer a solid base to negotiate trustworthy commercial contracts with possible suppliers.
In your case, you forecasted an amount of 12.000, but 10.000 only saled. If the planned orders generated for the Plan of Forecast had been not yet produced, excellent. If not, you will have a inventory of 2.000 of the item.
Murilo Oliveira

What are your coverage group settings?

What are the dates of sales and forecast?

What is your forecast reduction principle?