Master Scheduling in AX-2009

Dear All
My client is a rice processer, we have production I & II here I am facing following problem:
We have two Sites opened in AX Site 1 and Site 2, each Site has Production Units. We have created Single BOM and Multiple Routes (Site wise) for Finished Goods. Order is received at Site 1 only it is a part of regular cycle that if order is huge in size then it is divided and processed on both sites.
Now in AX when I run Master scheduling AX schedules the order on the Site which is given on Sales Order and if the quantity is greater than daily capacity of work center then it schedule it in early dates so that delivery can be made on requested ship date.
How can I split the order and then schedule it to get processed simultaneously on both the sites?
Please help
Muhammad Saad

You would need to split the demand (slaes order) between site 1 and site 2. No where in AX do you tell it that “if” the order is huge you will supply it from both sites. Either split sales or load a transfer order on site 2 to site 1, the system will then plan on both, one for the stock shortfall to demand, the other to the transfer order.

Thanks Adam for your quick response, by loading transfer order you mean should I make a planned transfer order manually?

I made a sales order on Site 1 with 5 qty and then made a planned transfer order from site 2 to site 1 with 2.5 qty, now what system did is it made a planned production order to meet transfer requirement with 2.5 qty but the qty of original planned order remained same nor the new planned order has reference of Sales Order.

Logically the system is doing correct but this will not meet my requirement


Muhammad Saad

The original planned order will not be 5 if you have it set correctly, it would be 2.5. Yes you would need to load the order manually - at some point you have to tell the system you are splitting the work, it does not know until you tell it. The new planned order cannot reference the sales order because it is linked to the trnasfer order, if you need it referenced you must load the sales line on the site it is being produced, so split the sales line.

The two methods I have given you are how you would use standard offerings, if they do not meet your requirement then you need to modify the system. I can only comment on the elements of the requirement you give me.

Dear Adam

Thank you so much for your time & help, only options available for me are either to split the SO in two line or loading Transfer Order and modifying system to get reference, I will go with Option 2.

But there are two problems with option 2, one is that the original Order remains for 5 and the other problem is that system is creating a Purchase order for raw material for Site 2; I tried to convert that planned Purchase order to Planned Transfer Order but system created another Planned Purchase Order.

I think there is some problem in configuration can you give me any clue on that, what could be the problem?