Master Scheduling Error for Items

When I run the master scheduling for particular item without start date I am getting below error… I have debugged the code

but could not figure out if any has idea please suggest.(Master Planning -->Periodic->Master scheduling)


What do you mean by running without start date?

There is no start for the planned order as shown in below and I am getting error for only those items (I mean where there is start date)


How is the planned order created? Try to debug and see why the date is not filled \Classes\ReqCalc\covCreatePlannedOrder

Hi Karnthi,

Just debugged the code suggested above i ma getting the above error from class\ WrkCtrScheduler\Run…

Could not find the root cause…

Thanks Kranthi ,

I am able to find out …only planned orders which have reftype as ItemPlanned orders can contain start date remaining wont.

Thanks a lot once again.