Master Planning

Hi All,

Is it possible to run the master scheduling customer account wise? Because in our company, we have grouped the all our customers under 4-5 category, while i am running the master planning for all the items, It takes lot of time time(50-60Hours) to create the planned orders, So, I believe that, If we are able to run the master planning for a particular customer group, It can save our time, Can any one help in this regard,



Planning is item based, if you tried to run it by customer group you would have disparate separate orders for the same item and with the inter-dependenices of the supply chain you would miss related requirements out. Analyse the elements of the plan that take time, why they are set this way, as well as your technical side with batch helpers etc. I would talk to your partner about that level of time, I have seen extensive plans with high level BOM’s and thousands of item numbers take mere hours, nothing as long as you quote.

You should NOT filter the master planning run in any way in theory.