Master Planning - Planned Production Order's - Group BY


I have a requirement in master planning to group the planned production orders. we are using AX 2012 R2 CU6 .

Planning department requesting that Common items Planned Production order should combined while generating master planning .

Currently they filter item from grid and grouping then firming planned Production orders.

For them it’ time consuming process since it’s takes 30 -40 Sec to group and firm , since they have 2000 Production Items for a machine to build.

Any way to simply their requirement .

Thanks in advance .


Have you tried changing the coverage code in the coverage group assigned to these items to period or something other than requirement? Also, using a multiple or min quantity would also reduce the amount of planned orders to firm.

Yes. It’s Worked for . Enabled Coverage changed from Requirement to Period .

Mr.Jake , Any setup to group items against a sale order.