Master planning per site/warehouse

One of our clients has multiple sites in AX2009, which should be able to plan independently from each other.
Is it possible to run the master planning in AX 2009 only for 1 site or warehouse?

Complexing to this question is that certain articles are used in more than 1 site.

The advice is to run it for all and filter by site and warehouse, thereby taking into cross-site and warehouse replenishment interdependencies that could be missed by filtered running of planning.

I understand it is the prefered way to plan. But lets say we have to plan by site reguardless of what is happeneing on other sites, can it be set to do this ?

If so, what would the settings be ?


What happens if you need to plan for a transfer from site A to site B and you run the order as A and B, the demand is on B so only when you run it on B will it create the planned transfer order, as you have already run it on A you will not pick up the requirement on A until the next run. This is the simplest issue.

As for settings there are no differences, you would simply filter the planning run by site.


I have the same question and am wondering how to filter the planning run by site?

When running master scheduling, it is possible to filter on item and item settings but how can this be setup to include storage dimensions?

Or should the filter setting be done somewhere else?



Don’t filter is the advice due to the inherent planning across warehouses and sites you will miss relational supply-demand chains. It is possible to filter, but not advisable.

Yes, i realize that there are significant downsides to running master scheduling for only one site and not taking any cross-site demands into considerations.

But, I would still like to try and set this up to see what the result would be and I cannot find any place where I can filter on Site. I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

I have looked at Periodic > master scheduling > select but cannot see how this could be setup to include selection on site. Or am I looking in the wrong form?