Master Planning: Order date, Delivery Date, Requested Date

Dear all,

I need to implement module Master Planiing in Dynamics Axapta 4.0, but I still can’t understand how Axapta calculate Order date, Delivery Date and requested Date. What’s the meaning of these Date ? Anh how can I check whether these date is right or wrong ?

May anyone help me ?


One more thing, how all the safety magins effect to the calculation of Order date, Delivery Date, Requested Date ?

Requested date will be from the order(the delivery date). Order and Delivery dates depends on available capacity and lead time…

The safety margins are added in as buffer days to extend the time between delivery and order date.

I have a case:

  • I have two sales order for the same item with the delivery date in January and March, with all safety margins are 0 day. The system calculate and Futures actions notice that my orders should delay to March and April.

  • Then, I set all safety margins to 5 days => the sum of safety margins is 15 days, and have a production order for the same item will start on March 4th and finishing on March 28th . But when the system re-calculate, the Futures actions notice that my orders will delay too far, to June and July, although my work center free in February (before the production order on March).

So, how the system scheduling the sequence time for job ? I learn that there are two method: vertical loading and horizontal loading, but which method axapta use to schedule the time?

Look at the pegging, it is about avaiable inventory AND capacity AND all of your settings. The safety margin is per element, so if you need a purchase order it has a 5 day margin but the production or transfer order may have the same 5 days added again as will the sales order, it depends upon your chain and setup.