Master Planning not Updating the Item Quantity

Hi all,

I have some problems in my AX 2009, Master Planning. We set up the master planning with about 200 items. However, how come when we run the Master Scheduling in Batch, some of the Items not come up in the Planned Order Details? Some of the items are fine, but some of them are not processed although the Quantity is already less than its minimum, even 0.

Anyone can help me? Thanks.

You would need to pick an item where the net requirements are less than zero and tell us the demand and the item coverage settings. The obvious question is do you filter your batch run? (You should never do this)

Hi Adam,

Well, I did the setting of all items, the coverage and the min-max. When first I tested the items, they were fine.

You are correct though, I did filter the batch run according to the Items and Vendors. Is it the reason why not all the items are picked up by the systems? Is there any reason for it?


Run the batch without the filters and then see what happens. Basically you will have filtered out your demand so there are no requirements.

You should never filter this because of dependencies of the data and the formulation of the requirements.

We are running it now, however, it will take a while since we only have 200 items for the Master Planning, but we have about 10000 items overall.

So, I have to run it without any filter at all? Please correct me if I am wrong.


you are correct, you need to run it without any filters.

10,000 items should not take that long. Look at the planning time breakdown and see what is taking so long - is is on different batch servers with helpers etc?

We are concerned that it will take a very long time in running it. We found the problem though, we had to go into each item in the item setup and click on the save button, and then the item would show up in Planned Purchase Order.

We had no idea why we had to do it all over again. Is it some kind of bug?


You imported the items in and did not populate all systme related tables correctly, the save did this. Not a bug, just the way you did it.

I run the batch without the filter as you said, but the nothing came up in Planned Purchase Order. However, we did re-save all the item in the Item Setup, and run the batch again with filter, and the items came up in Planned Purchase Order.

Do I have to do the save everytime I want to run the batch? Well, I will run the batch again in two days, so we will find out.

If you have any solutions, please let me know.


You imported the data incorrectly causing the issue.

Will you see it again? It depends upon the true cause of the issue. I doubt it if the save works, but you need to run it again.