Master Planning not generating planned orders

Hi everyone,

I am not able to generate planned Purchase orders and Planned Production orders when i run master planning (MRP)

I was able to use it in morning but i don’t know what setting changed i am not able to do it now.

Can anyone comment please…

Thanks in advance…

Remove any filter applied to the batch job.

Check the Plan settings.

Ensure warehouses are not set to manual.

I have similar problem. It generates planned production orders but not purchase orders for the components. I have nothing available on-hand. When I click explosion in the production order, generates nothing. I have checked the settings of the master plan, parameters, coverage group… Noting changed. Suggestions?

Where do I check if warehouses are set to manual???

On the warehouse record, master planning tab.

Can you tell us the supply -demand balance, the BOM settings and the coverage group settings for the component. Ensure the Stop Explosion is not ticked on the calculation group of the parent and component, and ensure the explosion time fence is sufficient. So many settings very difficult to pinpoint the trouble. Check your net requirements as well - why is the accumulation not negative, and check there is actually a quantity in the BOM or that there is an active BOM for the site.