Master Planning Issue


A have scenario like this,

I have two sites S1 and S2.

I have a created a sales order in S1 and run the master planning - then the system should consider the on-hand levels in both the sites and create production or purchase order for the unavailable quantity.

But in the Dimension group when I select the Coverage Plan by site or warehouse - it is not considering the on-hand availability in other site or warehouses. It is considering the on-hand stock when this is unchecked - but it is creating a problem when the planned order are being firmed - because site is a mandatory here. (the same thing is happening in the case warehouse also).

I have created BOM for each site.

Can some one help me in handling this scenario???

If you have a sales order for S1 and have on hand on S2. The only way to use the on hand from site S2 will be to have Site and Warehouse covered by dimension and on the Item, Item coverage should have a record for S1 where Planned order type is set to Transfer order and main warehouse should be a warehouse from S2. In this way when running master planning, the system will created a transfer order from S2 to S1.

If this is not what you want please explain better what do you want to achieve and what is your current configuration.