Master planning future message of sales order issue.

Currently future message is not showing expected delay for sales order.
As per current design, my FG production is having infinite capacity but WIP Item is running with finite capacity.
Sales order : FG-300 Qty and delivery date is 03/20/15 . Issue Margin 7 days .
As per planning my WIP Item can finish 03/19/2015 and I have 7 days issue margin for FG Item .
As per issue margin, my FG must be ready on 03/13/2015 (20-7) but due to capacity constraint I am able to deliver on 03/26/2015 (19+7).
So here Delay days must be 6 days but system is showing delay days as 13 days .
I am not getting why system is proposing me 13 days delay .
As per my understanding , system is trying to deliver multiple sales orders (with same FG Item ) on same date and calculating delay days . I want individual days calculation of each FG sales orders .

FG Item : Coverage Group : Requirement

WIP Item : Coverage group: Period

It will work back on the demand dates, and then work down and calculate when it can deliver. The issue margin is how long it takes you to issue the item to the sales order, if your WIP item has the same issue margin (by plan or coverage group) then there is 7 days to issue it to the production order. That is probably your extra 7 your multi-level issue. Remove your issue margin, what does it then state? So many settings in there it is really difficult to comment I am afraid.

Hi Adam,

I don’t have issue margin for WIP Item . only FG Item having 7 days issue margin .

System is trying to ship all same Item sales order on same date thats why this variation is coming .

If I have weekly delivery still system is trying to ship on same date and calculating delay dates that’s why I think this issue is coming .

Thanks in advance

AX plans by the day, so if the sales orders are due on 18/03 and 19/03 it will plan back from there. Your coverage group is requirement so these will be pegged back from these dates so you will have separate production orders from this. Check the pegging from the top down for the item, say the net requirements, you should have individual production orders at the top level, if you do not your coverage type is not requirement in the item coverage settings for that site/warehouse I would suggest (or there is a customization in play - please tell me there are no customizations in planning :-))

Hi Adam ,

No Customization in Master planning .

Your right, our FG is requirement and WIP is period . 1 WIP is attached to two FG Batch orders .

Even If I consider individually and combined delivery date then also delay days are not matching .

Variation is ablo not big but only 2 to 3 days as per manual planning calculation .

E.g. WIP is going to complete on 20/03.

FG having 7 days issue margin so company can issue maximum on 27th or 28th April.

If ship date is 25th April then delay dates can be 2 or 3 days but system is showing 5 days .

Thanks in advance…

Hi ,

Just got the solution.

I was using same coverage group for Purchase Item and FG Item. Issue margin was mentioned on same coverage group so that it was affecting on Purchase Item .