Master Planning for production AX 2012 based on On-Hand all the company

Hi All,

Its possible in AX 2012 master planning for material production on hand stock is from all the company stock?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Sunarti, I think we need some more explanation on your question.

You mean you have stock of the same ítem in several warehouses and you want master planning to consider it all at company level? Can you give an example?

Yes if your company configuration in AX has a single site and you plan by site.

Thank you reply, yes that is what i mean.

example : company A and company B have same item 001

company A item 001 have stock 2

company B item 001 have stock 3

when do the master planning have to consider the on hand stock is 5.

do you have any idea about this?

Well the probable answer is “No” it does not work that way. Why would a customer in Italy dealing with the Company in Italy care about the Company in Australia having stock. However the answer is also “Yes” as you can setup inter-company relations and inter-company planning and the Italian customer would load the order on the Italian Company who in turn would purchase from the Australian Company as an inter-company transaction who in turn may need to purchase from a supplier to refill.

There is no magical picking of some in company B when an order is placed on company A, you have to setup rules.