Master planning for item and BOM


We have a problem with Master Planning and Item coverage on the items that are registered as BOM since they are used the production of our company. However these are normal items that we buy in from vendors. The problem is that the items are registered as BOM and when we define item coverage and run master planning a production suggestion will come and we need both - order and production. So i wonder if it is possible to override the type of planned order from production to order.

The item coverage will allow you to do this on the replenishment type, it depends at what point in the chain you make the decision.

I found a possible solution (the link below), though it requires a bit more precise follow up when we run Master Planning. (Though the best would be to be able to change the type of planned order in the item coverage line).

It all comes down to when you do this in the chain. If you do it at the presentation of the planned order you use the change order type function.