Master Planning - Firming upper level planned production orders

Running a static Masterplan in AX 2009 creates the planned production order. If the inquiry button is used the explosion all the way down - lower level production order are shown.

Is there are way to just firm the upper level planned production order - lets say the Finished Good level - and that firms up all other related planned production orders automatically?

I think I made it work once but cant remember how.

If I remember correctly, you should just be able to firm the top level production order, and when you update its production status to Estimated, I think the subproduction orders are generated.

@Joe, add a filter node to the item record from the planned order and filter on the “level” field where “0” is the top level etc, select (using the same filter settings) and firm.

@Adam, this is related production orders you are talking about, automatic BOM production lines that are referenced, not sure Joe meant this from his post.

I got the impression Joe was talking about referenced production orders - he wants to work on the top level of the BOM and have sub BOM items follow suit without intervention on his part.

Anyway, despite the interpretation of Joe’s question, for referencing of production orders to work, the line type of the BOM item must be set to production value & not item.