Master planning doesn't take available quantity into account but create planned PO AX 2012?

Hi, I have imported few items and brought the stock through mov. journal. I have set up a multi-level BoM where the raw materials have more than sufficient quantities in stock. However, when I run the master plan, AX creates planned Purchase order for all the parts from the BoM. when I looked at the view profile or view stock on-hand (from master planning module), it shows the available quantities and strangely enough it shows the original quantity and the quantity to be deducted along with planned PO!.

Just to make sure, I created a simple BoM and received stock for the components, and when I run the master plan, it creates PO for those parts that doesn’t have quantities otherwise, AX behaves correctly. There is no min-max requirements for these parts, i checked at the inventory settings. AX shows the action/future messages.

what are we missing here?

What are your master plan settings relating to stock?

What are your coverage group settings regarding coverage impact for the item?

How is the dimension group configured for planning?

What does the net requirements show you?

Screen shots of each area would probably be best. [:D]

Hi Adam, thanks. looks like the bom version wasn’t created for that BoM and my coverage group is set to check active version.

Does not really make sense, the issue was ignoring stock, if the BOM was not active it would not be linked and would create no requirements, unless you attached one to the sales line and did not check active, but still it would not then suggest purchase orders over stock!

Hi Adam, yes. it was linked to a sales line which had partial delivery/invoice. From BoM designer (Engineer tab of the released product) it showed that there was no active bom version. but from the lines, the BoM was active and approved. I created a new bOM version and ran the master plan and it took into account the stock for components as i could see from the multi-pegging. please see the plan settings as in the site below (I couldn’t for some reason upload the pictures). we don’t use the product dimension. coverage plan ticked for site/warehouse under the tracking dimensions.

many thanks

If it is working now then that is good news.

Hi Adam, i tested with another sample multi-level BoM and the results is as expected when I ran the master plan. however, for this particular BoM, at the component level the Planned PO are showing correctly. However at the sub-BoM level, it doesn’t seem to take the existing stock into account for some reason. When I look at the pegging - under each sub-bom, it shows the items in quantity and created PO for those components that’s not in stock. for e.g. sub-bom “A” whose available quantity is 10; sales line require 50 (for XX) out of which 5 has been delivered, so total of 45. I would expect to see planned production order for “A” of 35 quantity, but still shows 45.

Parent bom “XX” - has 3 subs - A, B & C;

A has several components - and it shows the quantity on-hand for them. one component is not in stock and it has a planned purchase order.

Really difficult to say from here. How are the sub-bom’s linked, is it pegged supply?

Thanks Adam, I appreciate it. I think I found the reason why AX is not considering the quantity on hand. The sub is defined as a phantom but one user has created a stock for it using the movement journal. Obviously, since the sub is a phantom, the AX is producing the required quantity. After I made the change to BoM and item in the bom line, it is showing the correctly.

Yes you never stock a phantom, so it never has to check stock as per the concept. That would explain it.

Hello Adam, I have a strange (but not sure if this is the correct behaviour) situation with Forecast planning. it has multi-level bom (in the bom-line, the sub-boms are defined as line type and phantoms as phantom). what I notice is that AX doesn’t adjust the start date for the production order based on the lead time of component but place the production order as forecasted. The planned PO for some of the components are at least 1 month out in the future. However, when I run the master planning, it shows the Production order start date adjusted per planned PO. How comes AX doesn’t show the production orders correctly in Forecast? I ticked both demand and supply forecast in the forecast plan.

I answered in your original post, the forecast is your entry, the plan plans from this.