Master Planning AX 2012


I have a set-up in which three companies are there, company A, B and C. The planning structure is like this company C produces planned inter-company demand for company B and the inter-company planned demand from company B is updated in my company A. For company A we can say that this is our manufacturing company. AX 2012 generates the demand perfectly when inter-company master scheduling is executed and multilevel pegging information is also there for the planned orders. The only issue is with future dates. for example, there is item X which requires 180 manufacturing days at Company A these days are setup as inventory lead time in company A. Moreover, it takes 60 days to ship from Company B to to company C this is also setup as sales lead time in company B. If i enter a sales order in today’s date and run master scheduling against it, intercompany demand is generated and system also generates a future date which is including the lead time of 60 days (shipping time) but what i need is to also include my 180 days manufacturing lead time because that is the real date on which i can receive if i place an order today.

For solving it i also placed 240 in the purchase lead time of the company C for item X in default order settings. apparently it works fine but this has an issue if i have a sale which i can do from my on-hand inventory in company A as it will show lead time of 240 days (180 manufacturing and 60 shipping) which is wrong. what i want to know is how can this inter-company planning chain can get updated for the future messages? is there any other way rather then using lead times?

It would be indeed a great help if any one can give an idea about it