Master Plaining

Dear All,

In Master Plaining AX suggest multiple purchase order of same item of same date because of this item is the ingrediant of multiple BOM. Is that possible in AX to merge All Purchase orders of same date of same item in 1 purchase order.

Kindly suggest

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Syed Muhammad Akber

Yes - your coverage group is of the type “Requirement” so these are treated independently. Change it to period.

You can also manually group the individual suggestions.

Dear Adam,

Thanks Adam, its so nice of u, but i also found this just an hour before, i checked it, it ful fill my need

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Syed Muhammad Akber

Apologies for not being quicker [:D]

Could you verify the answer please?

ya i checked it its doing i exactly want, thnx adam :slight_smile:

ya i checked it its doing exactly what i want, thnx adam :slight_smile: