Master File Setup Defaults Error

I apologize if this is the wrong forum for my question but I can’t seem to find help anywhere else.

Our Company just purchased MS Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. We also purchased the Classic Nav 2009 R2.

I am a beginner as I have less then 10 hours using the Classic Nam software. I am using a Dataport to load information into the items table. The inout file is a text file. I verified all fields are in the correct order and of the correct type and values. When I go to run the import I get a Master File Setup Primary “” does not exist error.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to DUG.

As this is the basic for the project, I suggest you to perform this activity with some senior persons who has already done…

You have not set the numbering series for Item Master probally, please check the same.


How do I set the numbering series. I am using the item dataport that came with Classic and did not create it myself?


Dataport Id please.

Well just check in Administration ->Application Setup ->Warehouse → Inventory Setup.


That was the reason. I had to do the inventory setup before importing.

Thanks for your help.

G8 to see that :slight_smile:

If it’s your first time importing - It might be a good Idea to put 1 test item in manually.
Then after your import you can view the item table to compare all the fields from the manually entered item against the imported items. Then you’ll know for sure your valudations n such are correct and you didn’t miss anything.

Is you dataport filling the Item Unit Of Measure table at the same time?


I did exactly what you said abount importing one record and then checking. All went well as I was able to load in 50 samples for the users to verify.

Thanks for your input