Master/detail form in Axapta/Dynamics Ax

hi all…

i want to create a master/detail in form…

i used 2 grids in one form, if i selects one row in header grid means have to get realeted fileds details grid…

how to do this…

thanx in advance.

Hi Arun,

Go throw the Salestable or PurchTable forms how they related the SalesTable and SalesLine Tables.

(see the relations in the Tables level and form Datasource properties).



hi veleru,

i seen yesterday itslef, in tat table linkActivate() is override n thy wrote some code for tat

but its difficult to understand tat for new ax developers like me

if u knw means tell me :slight_smile:




If u hav relation between two datasources ,when u make relations in the child datasource to ‘yes’ it will automatically pick the related values…And moreover in design ensure the datasources for the grids.For parent grid give parent datasource name in grid properties and for child grid give the child datasource name in its properties

its working :slight_smile:

thanx jyothi n valaru