Master data managment

Hi Forum, I am not sure whether this is the correct place, but I need some input.

We are making a tool module, to maintain master data across companies. In our experience with Dynamics Ax implementations, the wrong approach is many times to share a table. ex item table, because the local companies can have other default values in the fields on the item master ex. model group and dimension group. likewise on customer and vendors etc.

What we are making is a module, where the company can subscribe on a range of data from a master data company. this will if criterias meets the subscription, copy the ex item, and all the setup on the supporting tables ex color, sizes etc. that is selected for this subscription. Further it will be possible to say ex. if the items is a specific item group, then the local values has to change to some predefined values.

This will ensure that all issues in regards to local fields for a company it taken care of, and that a maintenance of items etc is done 1 place across companies.

Is short my questions is, do you see other scenarios that would not be covered, when handling master data management.

I know the description is short, but in general the idea is that to avoid sharing a table, then you classify the table as being a master managed table, and therefore avoiding making customizations because data is shared between companies. Further the idea is to make is as an application setup with no interaction in the AOT, and can therefor be handled by the companies local administrators. We are almost finished with the solution, but I would like to get some enduser input, whether we are missing some elements.