Master Data import to NAV BC

Hi Expert ,

I am trying to setup new company with “No Data” in NAV BC, its created successfully and i can import all master data .
But issue is that when try to update the Global Dimension 1 and 2 then except few master (G/L, Customer/Vendor/Items) tables all update successfully . Those table status always “Scheduled” and when I click on that status changes as “incomplete”.
If i select the “Return” function then it will goes to schedule mode and after few minute its become incomplete .

Any solution for this issue ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Subhashis,

I changed your group status update post into a forum post, much better change that you get an answer.

Exactly which version of NAV are you using, and how are you importing your masterdata? And what table statuses are you talking about?

Hi Eric ,

Thanks for that changes and advise .

I am using Dynamics 365 Business Central in my workstation. The Image build ID 21229 .

I create one sample company for Development with testing . During the creation i choose “Create New- No Data” option .


After that , I import all master data from “CRONUS USA, Inc.” via config. Package without Dimension .then i create Dimension Value Manually and Try update Global Dimension 1 and 2 .

But issue is that , Except few master table, all other other table update successfully .

for those error table ,If i select the “Return” function then it will goes to schedule mode and after few minute its become incomplete .

Thank you .

Hi Subhashis,

What do you see if you push on “Show error”?

We had some similar problem in NAV 2018 yesterday, but at this moment, I don’t have any solution to solve this. My mate needs to create new G/L Accounts, this table was marked as “Incomplete” in “Change Global Dimensions” page, and he can’t create new G/L Account. In that moment I deleted records in table 483 “Change Global Dim. Log Entry”. This was possible because all completed tables didn’t have any records (this seems the same you have).

Hi Ponc J. LIaneras,

Presently I am using the sand Box environment for NAV BC .

There is no error message in the log entry .

As you mention, I delete records from Table 483. after that i am able to proceed further transaction .

As one MS Microsoft Consultant,There will be Update for NAV BC 16 where the parallel processing mode will not be the default one and you will be able to execute update within one transaction in the current session. That will remove all uncertainties with background job execution.

Not sure what you mean with an update for NAV BC 16? I thought you meant NAV 2018/BC?

Parallel mode might be the default, but when you run it via powershell, then you have the option of turning that off. At least in the version you’re running.