Marking record

Problem: I have a table that contains a task list. To this list I have made a form with the following fields: Job ID, Description, Monday, Tuesday…Sunday, Task Accomplished, Comment, Updated, USERID. This form presents all the different tasks that is supposed to be done. There is also table that logs the information given by the user when he fill in the form. (Log table contains the same fields as the task list table). So far so good. The thing I want to do now is that the different tasks should dissapear when the user have accomplished them. Since many of the tasks is supposed to be done every day then I can’t delete the record. Is there a simple soulution to mark the record that is performed and don’t make it visible for the rest of the day and then show it the following day?

Hi, You can add more field and update those field when job accomplished.Also set the filter not to show the accomplished job while opening the form.