Marketing: Mailings from within Navision - Body texts?

I have created a marketing segment, have set up an interaction template and defined the correspondance type (email). When doing the mail-merge, the system will create emails with an attachment, BUT: the body of the email is completely blank.

Obviously, I cannot send out an empty email with just an attachment (not even the signature shows up).

I am using Navision 4.03, Office/Outlook 2003.

Any ideas how I can fill the body of the email from within Navision?

Thanks for any help.


It’s quite some time ago since you posted this question, but your post still stand as open. Have you found an answer or solved your problem?

If yes, then I would hope that you would share the solution with the rest of the user group, so that we can close the topic and mark it as Answered.

Thank you.