Marketing Interaction Template issue

We run Nav as a Citrix published application. For the first time we are starting to look at Marketing and creating a mail merge document for a Segment. Can get to the Interaction Template and select the Attachment browse which opens a blank document in Word. Can add mail merge fields from the Contact record and save and close the Word document - but at that point get stuck somewhere between Nav and Word. Don’t get any messages visible from Word (which is what I was expecting and think is the problem), can close Word completely but my Nav session is not accessible - all the boxes are ‘dimmed’ as though there is a message box waiting for a response. Have tried setting the Attachment Storage in Marketing Setup to both Embedded and Disk File and it makes no difference. Does anyone know what is causing this please, and how we can resolve? VERY frustrating!

Many thanks

Get someone to check if they remembered to install CDO components for Microsoft Office on the Citrix server… They are necessary for the communication between NAV and Word.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for delay in responding - this is not business critical! We have been doing some testing and have discovered that on our test application server, the Word messages are displayed fine and we can successfully use the templates. So we have compared the test and live application servers - and there is no difference between the CDOs. So now we are really lost!

Does anyone have any other suggestions, please?