Hi, We Being a partner to the microsoft got the message regarding " Microsoft Action Pack Subscription"

what is this exactly and what are the benefits with it We deal with Navision .

It should better to ask the question to Microsoft.

they can tell more information on this .

I haven’t seen the “action pack” description for a few years. But it used to be a very price worth pack of software from Microsoft that partners could use for demonstrations AND internal use. Windows and Windows Server, as well as Office and the small business server used to be included.


From what I can remember the Action pack is for registered member of the partner pack to give them access to lots of software as Erik describes. I think that once you become a certified that this software is included ( and more) in the partner program. It is not related to Nav.

Are you sure about that Dave? I really don’t think so. As far as I remember, then you’re only getting copies from MS when you’re a partner that you can use to demo, not for you internal use in the company. And that’s really the difference from the action packs and the different partner, msdn and technet packages.

Hi Erik,

It’s been a while so I have to search the answer but for the MAPS page (the Irish version)

"The Microsoft Partner Programme Agreement gives you the right to use the Action Pack software to run your own business as well as for evaluation, demonstration, testing, training and education. For example, you can use Action Pack software to host your company’s intranet. "