Mapping data from GP to AX


I am trying to port data from GP to AX. I will be starting with Items and Customers. Do you know if this has been done before and if there are data mappings defined between the systems. I am using the latest versions of both systems.

I also posted this in the GP forum, so if that is not cool I´m sorry.

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Despite both being Microsoft products there is no standard scripts and templates to my knowledge - part of the issue is the moment you modify either system the ground shifts.

There is nothing in standard and there are no specialized tools to deal with this process (apart from general things like BizTalk etc).

However, there is a new product out there just released by Microsoft - it is called the CRM Connector. Out of the box it supports CRM and AX integration very nicely, however, it also comes together with SDK where you can actually write your own adapter for other systems (in Visual Studio). I don’t know how simple that actually is to write a new adpater, but I am going to investigate the product more closer in next week.